Retail and Wholesale Pharmaceuticals

Retail and Wholesale Pharmaceuticals

Since inception, we have positioned ourselves as one of the most preferred pharmaceutical outlets in Nigeria for quality drugs and topnotch healthcare service delivery.

Our pharmacies are designed to offer customers the best walk-in shopping experience while providing the right medical solutions you or your loved ones need to stay healthy.

Whether you are a retail buyer or a wholesaler, our team of highly trained professionals will deliver prompt and professional service that leaves you with happy and fulfilled.

Currently, our outlets are known to offer exceptional services, and with our growth trajectory in place, we will be scaling that number to 25 outlets in the next 5 years.


Some of the services you will enjoy in our pharmaceutical stores include:

Retail services for drugs and healthcare products.

Seeking where to shop for your quality drugs and other healthcare products? Medcourt offers the best option available. At our walk-in outlets, you can buy high-quality, non-expired drugs at the best price.

Free consultation on drugs and lifestyle enhancing tips

Don’t be a victim of misused drugs. Walk into any Medcourt Pharmacy outlet today and a certified professional will be there to offer you the right guidance you need for every drug you seek to buy or consume.

Free routine checkups BMI, blood pressure, and Glucose Checks

Staying healthy requires routine checkups with the right medical personnel. If you are looking for where to run your routine checkups, Medcourt is the right place. We offer the best of BMI, Blood pressure, and sugar level tests at affordable rates.

Patient healthcare counseling, monitoring, and follow-up.

Staying true to our promise to provide wholly healthcare support solutions, we also offer counseling, monitoring, and follow-ups for patients.

Patient Loyalty Scheme.

At Medcourt, you can enjoy some of our amazing loyalty offers just by being part of our tribe. You can access benefits such as special discounts on products, free added services, and some lovely gifts.

Health Seminars.

We go beyond selling drugs to also educating our customers. Our curated health seminars are designed to equip customers with timely information on how to stay healthy and happy.

Clinical Supply for Organizations.

For organizations that want to have their in-plant clinics for staff or guests, we can help you set that up from start to finish. We also supply clinical devices on site or repair existing ones.

Whole Sale Drug Suppliers

We offer wholesale drugs sales to individuals or corporations that seek to buy in bulk. The quality and speed of our supplies will match your needs the best way possible.