Medical Devices & Consumables

Medical Devices & Consumables

Acquiring the right medical device requires an expert eye, someone who knows how to ask the right questions and where to find the right equipment at the best price.

At Medcourt, we have built the right expertise and strategic alliances across the globe to get this done for you. We offer sales and support services for medical equipment to help boost healthcare delivering

Working with leading equipment manufacturing firms across the world, our overall focus is to provide affordable medical equipment, services, and solutions to the medical industry operators and service providers so that patients’ medical needs can be addressed.

In addition to equipment sale, we also offer the following services:

Medical Equipping Procurement / Tendering.

We help you source and procure the right medical equipment anywhere in the world. We know the right places to look and the right people to call to get the right medical equipment you need.

Medical Equipment Sale.

Looking for where to acquire medical equipment for your facility or work? At Medcourt, we offer medical equipment sale. You will not only get the best quality, but we you are sure to get it at the most affordable rates.

Free routine checkups BMI, blood pressure, and Glucose Checks

Staying healthy requires routine checkups with the right medical personnel. If you are looking for where to run your routine checkups, Medcourt is the right place. We offer the best of BMI, Blood pressure, and sugar level tests at affordable rates.

Patient healthcare counseling, monitoring, and follow-up.

Staying true to our promise to provide wholly healthcare support solutions, we also offer counseling, monitoring, and follow-ups for patients.

Medical Equipment Consultancy.

Do you have a hospital or clinic and you want to equip it with the right medical equipment? Then contact us at Medcourt. We will offer professional advice on what best to do and where to get what you need.

We understand medicine equipment through and through. Our team of experts is on ground to provide bespoke consulting support to you when you need it the most. Avoid the error and talk to Medcourt today.

Installation & Commissioning Services.

Our team of medical engineers is on ground, ready to help carry out the installation of your medical equipment. Don’t struggle with it or be overwhelmed by people who make things complicated. Talk to our engineers today and they will help you install and commission it in a flash.

Long-Term Maintenance Services.

You medical equipment will need periodic maintenance. Don’t outsource the maintenance to quacks, people who know next to nothing about it. Talk to Medcourt today. We have the right team to get it done.

Medical Device Leasing Financing.

Sometimes you just need medical devices you can lease for a while to aid your work. We also offer customers the option of medical device leasing. We provide you the medical device and you only pay within the duration of the lease.