Medical Diagnostic Laboratory

Medical Diagnostic Laboratory

Many Nigerians today lose their lives or that of their loved ones to avoidable mistakes due to wrong or late diagnosis.

At Medcourt, we are leading a positive change in this regard. We make it possible and easy for every Nigerian to access the right diagnostic intervention they need at the right time.

At our Medical Diagnostic Lab, we have the latest diagnostic devices and the right manpower to help patients and their loved ones carry out diagnostic treatments the right way. Our team of lab scientist and support staff are also trained on how to deliver test reports to patients.

Some of the services you will enjoy in our pharmaceutical stores include:


We run diagnosis on various illnesses that are blood-related. We have the latest gadgets and our team of professionals knows the right test procedures to run to ensure results are 100% accurate.

Clinical Chemistry

At Medcourt ultra-modern laboratory, we also carry out proper analysis of bodily fluids for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Our team of highly trained lab scientist will be on ground to carry out all the right examinations for patients’ wellbeing.


At Medcourt lab, we also carry out lab tests on various microscopic organisms responsible for the illness of patients. We ensure you get the right lab test done accurately and promptly.

Private Wellness checks & Comprehensive Screening.

You can access periodic wellness checks at our lab. Just take a scroll in and a highly trained lab personnel will be right there to deliver comprehensive and exceptional service to you.

Pre-Employment & Group (Corporates).

This service it available to organizations that seek to run approved lab tests for prospective applicants before hire. In this age of test falsifications, Medcourt is the name you can trust. We ensure all tests are done professionally and results are properly reflected in applicants’ medical files.

Food Handler and Domestic Staff Screening.

Those who handle food for you or your loved ones, especially domestic workers, can pose great health issues if not well managed. Our services include providing diagnostic screening to food handlers.

HMO Mass Screening.

We have the capacity to deliver diagnostic services at scale. If you need us to conduct large-scale screening, our team of medical professionals will be there to carry it out without any hassle.

Occupational Health and Safety Screening.

We work with organizations with staff that are exposed to high risk environments in order to ensure periodic health checks and safety screening.

Managed Clinic Services.

Do you have a clinic lab and you seek better ways to grow? Talk to Medcourt today. We know what it takes to run a thriving clinic outlet and we are ready to share the insights with you.