We are a team of highly qualified professionals

About Us

A wholly indigenous Health Solutions company based in Lagos, Nigeria. The company was established to bring a paradigm shift to the medical support services industry in Nigeria through the adoption of innovative technologies, exceptional customer service and an onerous dedication to healthcare improvement.

Medcourt Support Services started with a goal to help individuals continuously achieve the abiding need to stay healthy. Over the years, we have done this by providing personalized medical support services in the highly specialized pharmaceuticals, Medi care, health consultancy and donor agency services.

At the heart of Medcourt Support Services is our technical expertise, high quality of service and partnerships with like-minded world class companies designed to bring value to customers, our partners and shareholders. With many years of experience delivering bespoke medical support services to B2B and B2C clients, we have enhanced our services and are better positioned to manage complex medical support processes with enough flexibility to respond to changing clients' needs in real-time.

We are a customer-centric company with a laser-sharp focus on the people and companies who need our services the most. We are accurate and have maintained a culture of prompt response and attention to detail. On the global and local landscape where the medical industry is buffeted by numerous challenges, Medcourt Support Services has honed a very specific set of skills and connections to navigate these challenges while staying grounded in the local culture

Our People

Our team of highly-qualified, and hardworking professionals anticipates the future of medical support services with enthusiasm to go beyond the ordinary and become an exceptional provider of medical support services that grow beyond the region into the global market.

Equipped with a continuous training regimen, they can adequately assess the needs of each client, proactively begin the appropriate medical response and deliver excellent customer service at all times.

Market Research

Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa with a population estimate of over 190 million people, a population growth rate of 2.5% and average life expectancy of 54 years. Following the rebasing of Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2014, Nigeria’s economy is now the largest in Africa.

The Nigerian healthcare system is in transition and going through significant changes in terms of priorities, policies and challenges. Some of these changes present opportunities and lessons for potential investors and services providers. Nigeria is one of the developing countries faced with the “double burden” of persisting high prevalence of communicable diseases and rising prevalence of non-communicable diseases as well as massive gap in Infrastructure and Health Services.

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