Medical I.T Solutions

Digitalization is primarily changing the way businesses operate and flourish. This digital era is driving companies to modernize their infrastructure to stay ahead of the game. At Medcourt, we believe that a 21st century healthcare facility must be powered by the right technology.

We equally believe Technology is the key to unlocking the immense opportunities that exist in the healthcare sector in Africa. That is why one of our business arms is dedicated solely to deploying the latest technology to our customers.

We help you leverage technology to deliver high quality healthcare services to end users.


Some of our Unique Offerings include:

IT Infrastructure Provisioning.

A well-planned IT infrastructure solution can significantly reduce the costs and boost revenues. I.T remains a game changer and a major competitive advantage in the African Health Sector.

Some major areas we play in are as follows:

• Switching Infrastructure Solutions.
• Server Infrastructure Solutions.
• Structured Cabling Services.
• Data Centre Solutions..

Our Scheduling solution for healthcare is a single suite of software for managing all Business Processes, all Patient Flow scenarios, all department scheduling, and managing the patients' entire experience.

Patients can benefit with a mobile solution for scheduling, receiving alerts, and checking in to each and every step along the way. Any invite or written communication is handled automatically.

Departments can streamline more patients than ever with the same resources or less. Whether it's patients waiting in line to be served, patients on admission, or various appointment types, this solution guarantees no bottlenecks while ensuring your departments communicate effectively and are able to serve the patients better.

Medical services require promptness and speed. Keeping your patients in queues can pose a big threat to their health and your business. We help you set up a queuing system in your facility that gets rid of the queue and improve your service delivery.

Our queue management software helps you organize your waiting lines by providing visitors with an easy ordering method based on "first in, first out", prescheduled appointments, and more sophisticated methods.

Patient Flow solution streamlines the patient journey inside physical clinics and departments, from admission to discharge.

With the mobile and in-store tools included, patients are able to check-in to virtual waiting lines, and get directions as they wait or when called forward. Self-service kiosks or greeters can identify patients, assist and guide them with the help of waiting area Digital Signage features.

The system provides audio-visual means for directing customers, a friendly user interface for agents to manage lines and call customers forward, and useful tools for managers to control the level of service and generate performance statistics.

Medical devices electronically transmit medical information which contains electronic private health information (ePHI). There are hundreds of Medical device used in healthcare including mobile pumps, nurse call systems, patient monitors, and computer on wheels.

Our Medical Grade Network delivers health industry-specific architecture that defines an optimally performing healthcare network.

We can help you set up a secure, high-performance infrastructure that integrates partner solutions to enhance and optimize workflow for your caregivers in addition to rapid access to patient information so they can deliver optimally in their roles.

Healthcare is a very important part of our society and it is imperative for healthcare providers to do their jobs in an efficient and effective manner. Each day hundreds of thousands of patients enter healthcare facilities challenging the administration to run the show smoothly. The employees have to manage and integrate clinical, financial and operational information that grow with the practice.

Previously, this data was organized manually, which was time consuming and failed to deliver the desired level of efficiency. Manual medical records leave room for inefficiency, fraud, and costly mistakes.

Most professionally run hospitals and clinics now rely on hospital information systems (HIS) that help them manage all their medical and administrative information

If you run a hospital, it is critical you have an information management system that allows you ease and straight access to your most vital documents as well as aid communication across board within your facility. We can help you set this up.

With our E-health and Connected Health solutions, we deploy socio-technical model for healthcare management and delivery through the use of technology that match our customers' needs.

Automate your hospital and save yourself the stress of repeat or manual work. With our hospital automation solution, you are certain to grow your in-house efficiency by over 80% while also growing your revenue as a healthcare provider.

Healthcare facilities and caregivers throughout the nation are exploring ways to provide increased patient satisfaction while attempting to keep overall healthcare cost down. In other words: trying to do more with less. This is a challenge that hospitals, nursing homes, out-patient clinics and doctors' offices have struggled with for years.

In hospitals and acute care facilities, IP based Nurse Call Systems helps streamline communications between patient and caregiver through mobile devices that provide instant notifications and conversations, thus saving precious time and concern for both parties.

Our Nursecall System brings together care, information, service, organization and billing in hospitals, using a common functional platform.

With our retinue of Service Partners, we have the capability to provide a variety of complex solutions which allow you to distinguish your facility from others, improve productivity, enhance your revenue streams, and more importantly improve patients care.

Some of the solutions we offer are:

• Hospital Furnishing.
• Theatre Control Panel
• Bedhead Service Systems
• Pendant Service System
• Medical and Surgical Lighting
• Medical Waste Management System
• Medical Gas Pipeline System (MGPS).
• Hospital Renovation & Upgrade Services
• Consulting, Planning and Hospital Engineering
• Modular Operating Theatre Build and ICU Equipping.
• Radiology Systems • CT Scan / MRI Set Up and Maintenance
• Pneumatic Medical Waste and Laundry Collection System (PWLCS).