We champion the delivery of quality medical diagnosis.

Medical Diagnostics Services

The need for rapid, accurate and high quality diagnosis is on the rise in line with the rise of terminal and chronic illnesses. The pressure is on the diagnostic industry to provide dependable screening methods and results to help other health workers combat these conditions because clinical testing is an essential element in the delivery of health care services.

MSS laboratories Nigeria Ltd is a proudly indigenous provider of diagnostic laboratory test, information and services that enable physicians and other health professionals make decisions to improve health. We have an exciting team of professionals who are flexible, highly resourceful and aptly trained to cover client's needs proactively and ultimately deliver excellent customer service at all times.

We are profoundly committed to providing exceptional end customer and patient care; we also continually seek opportunities to offer complimentary services to an ever growing population constantly seeking ways to improve their life style health wise. We run a lean, compact and agile organization hence, we are able to respond swiftly to your growing needs.

Our laboratories are fully automated and has the capacity to provide comprehensive and extensive range of advanced tests which includes but not limited to:

Clinical Chemistry
Related Services
Routine & Major Investigations
Comprehensive Testing Services
Corporate Medical Screening
Executive screening
Food handlers Test
Pre-Employment Testing

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