Medical Devices & Consumables

Medical equipments have for so long been an integral part of health care delivery that to do without them is a misnomer. The sale and support of medical equipments represents another major aspect of the services we provide. MSS provides turnkey medical equipment solutions and an impressive list of internationally acclaimed manufacturers and brands.

Our overriding aim is to provide affordable medical equipment, services and solutions to the medical industry operators and service providers. With this equipments equipment and services, they will be able to develop sustainable quality health care services. They will also be able to commit to delivering modern and required technology equipment (bearing in mind our infrastructural challenges) to meet customer requirements.

To adequately fill the needs of this niche, we offer the following services

Medical Equipment Sale
Medical Equipment Consultancy
Installation & Commissioning Services
Long Term Maintenance Services
Hospital Renovation \ Upgrade Services
Medical Device Leasing / Financing

Medical Devices & Vendors
Radiology In-Vitro Diagnostics(IVD) Patient Monitor & Life Support Theatre CSSD
X-Ray Chemistry Analyser Patient Monitor              Anesthesia Machine Autoclave
Digitizer Hematology Analyser Vital Signs Monitor           Operating Table Ultrasonic Cleaner
Ultrasound Immunology Analyser Ventilator                   Operating Light Washer Disinfector
Consumables Pippetes & Lab Accessories ECG                       Anatomy - Kugel Consumables
Centrifuge Defribrilator | AED           Consumables
Biosafety Cabinet Infusion Pump
Consumables Syringe Pump

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