We desire to provide innovative medical tech solutions

Medical I.T Solutions

The health care industry today like other industries is about cost reduction without an attendant reduction in quality of care while investing in the technologies that can improve the patients outcomes. Information and communication technology strategy is key couple with the right network infrastructure, ROI and business models.

Imagine having the ability to provide your caregivers with highly securedand reliable access to healthcare information. Whether they are in a hospital, a care facility, patient's home or mobile clinic. Empowering them to see patients, order tests, prescribe medication and consult with other members of the healthcare community at anytime, place or via any device.

At MSS Nigeria, we provide services that help identify the objectives of healthcare institutions and their business requirements and help define the ROI that can be achieved through the right technology deployment and investment.


MSS advisory services for connected health focused on the following:

  • Defining a healthcare IT strategy to help the customer prioritise the network related services
  • Defining a high level network architecture to enable the services
  • Defining an overall IT master plan for the healthcare organisation.

Our connected health solutions and services enable new levels of communications and collaboration between patients, providers, payers and life science organisations. Built on a highly secure network of interoperable technologies, these solutions are crafted to meet the healthcare community's unique compliance, bandwidth, stability and interoperability requirements.

Our services-centred approach is very comprehensive and it addresses the customer's key challenge on a holistic manner. Let's help you

  • Assess the current state of your existing network
  • Create gap analysis and plan for required and recommended changes
  • Pilot and/ or implement your industry and Cisco connected solutions to hel.p. ensure peak performance and greater operational efficiency.
Our services include:

I.T Infrastructure Provisioning
Medical Grade Networks
Hospital Information Management System
Electronic Medical Records
Hospital Automation / Intelligent network solutions
Patient Engagement Platforms
Integrated IP Nurse Call Systems
Point of Care Entertainment systems
Connected Ambulatory Devices
Technology For Work Flow Optimization

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